Apple Pie

Tonight, we have 3 events, so we will all be eating at different times, grabbing something on the go. On nights like this, the crock pot really comes to the rescue. So, even though it's 92, sticky Tennessee degrees outside, I'm making a fall meal - crock pot of chili and a couple of apple … Continue reading Apple Pie

Our Southern School

I am a child of the 70's.  I started kindergarten (not mandatory at the time) in 1970, first grade in '71 and so on.  There were two classes per grade level in our school.  Our particular class was the largest, with 45 children in each class.  Can you imagine?   Pupil teacher ratio was unheard of … Continue reading Our Southern School

Old Things

I love old things. I think people who love old things have a certain DNA in their character that makes them gravitate toward the old, the loved, the used, the things that stir up memories and good feelings. It's almost like having a good cup of coffee or reading a well written old book, but … Continue reading Old Things

Nashville in the 70’s

Yesterday, as I put groceries in the trunk of my car, the thought occurred to me...I have turned into my grandmother.  In the trunk of my car, besides the groceries, were bags and bags of wonderful yard-sale treasures that haven't yet found their forever home somewhere in the house. My grandmother was the yard-sale queen … Continue reading Nashville in the 70’s

Peach Pie

Peaches are my favorite summer fruit.  I have memories of picking the white peaches off my uncle's tree and the sticky juice running down to my elbow. Peaches are best, I think, just peeled and sliced.  But, sometimes a cobbler or pie is called for! Peach Pie 8-10 ripe peaches 1/2 cup sugar 2 T … Continue reading Peach Pie

Chipped Plates

This is one of those blessings that you have to go all around the circle and as you're coming back around, you realize that you can be thankful for it. I registered for Wedgwood, Queen's Shape everyday dishes when we got engaged.  I received about 12 place settings.  We don't use them every single day, … Continue reading Chipped Plates