My sister and I cultivated our housekeeping skills at an early age by always keeping a 'playhouse' somewhere in the house and outside. We would set up play areas here and there, usually with Barbie dolls and baby dolls in the house. One special place I remember in the basement was at the bottom of … Continue reading Playhouses

A Giving Heart

I am beginning to realize that I am a bit selfish. Oh, I love doing all the basic giving things like making meals and giving birthday gifts.  But, when it comes to giving my stuff away - new stuff - that is very uncomfortable. Hannah, as I mentioned earlier, is leaving for Haiti tomorrow.  Her … Continue reading A Giving Heart

Carnton Field Trip

What a fun day we had!  Well, I just stayed for the first leg which was Carnton. The kids then went on to the Carter House. Campbell informs me that most of these people are not in his class, but they were so cute, I couldn't resist making pictures.  The lunches were put in these little pails, … Continue reading Carnton Field Trip

Snippits for Moms ~ #3

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post I am humbly and gratefully aware that all moms are not just like I am.  Therefore, these posts may be a good fit for some moms on some days and may not be relevant at all for others. I know many of you are not moms, you may be single, … Continue reading Snippits for Moms ~ #3