Old Things

I love old things. I think people who love old things have a certain DNA in their character that makes them gravitate toward the old, the loved, the used, the things that stir up memories and good feelings. It's almost like having a good cup of coffee or reading a well written old book, but … Continue reading Old Things

High School

I went to open house at the high school last night.  I had such a nostalgic feeling as I walked through the halls and smelled the science lab and the gym.  Do you remember the smell of the gym?  That floor wax smell?  It hasn't changed a bit. There are all kinds of new gadgets … Continue reading High School


My sister and I cultivated our housekeeping skills at an early age by always keeping a 'playhouse' somewhere in the house and outside. We would set up play areas here and there, usually with Barbie dolls and baby dolls in the house. One special place I remember in the basement was at the bottom of … Continue reading Playhouses

4-H County Livestock Show

The county livestock show was today.  We had one steer and two heifers.  Here are some highlights... Nanny and Violet came to watch! Backcombing the tail!  It needs to be really fluffy. "Fitting" the heifer includes adhesive, conditioner, combs and even spray paint. Getting ready to go into the ring for the first time with … Continue reading 4-H County Livestock Show