Strawberry Jam

Since it's strawberry season,  I thought I would pull out the strawberry jam blog from the archives. Fresh strawberries from the Franklin Farmer's Market. First, pick out your jars.  Most groceries and stores like Target carry canning supplies.    Wash jars, lids and rings in hot, soapy water.  Sterilize the jars and rings (not rubberized lids) in … Continue reading Strawberry Jam

Sweet Stickles

Sweet Stickles 14 lb. cucumbers, peel and remove seedsCut into pieces  Mix 1 cup lime in 2 gallons water.Add cucumbers and let soak 24 hrs.Rinse well.Cover for 3 hours longer in clean water.  Drain. Cover with the following:2 quart vinegar1 t. celery seed1 t. mixed pickling spice1 T salt4 1/2 lbs. sugar1 t. whole cloves1 … Continue reading Sweet Stickles