Haiti Trip

A Facebook post from my daughter...May we all find a way to 'turn the blessings around' in 2013! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ‎2012 has been my year of blessings. There are so, so many things I am thankful for.  An always-loving God gave me a trip to Haiti over the summer, my first year of horse shows, … Continue reading Haiti Trip

High School

I went to open house at the high school last night.  I had such a nostalgic feeling as I walked through the halls and smelled the science lab and the gym.  Do you remember the smell of the gym?  That floor wax smell?  It hasn't changed a bit. There are all kinds of new gadgets … Continue reading High School

Pictures from Haiti

I'm still trying to get my busy teenager, Hannah, to sit down and write a blog about her mission trip to Haiti.  Last week, she was at a horse show in Shelbyville and this week, she's taking some riding lessons and preparing for the 4-H Livestock Show.  She was on the radio yesterday morning promoting … Continue reading Pictures from Haiti