It has been three years since I have written a blog post.  It was so much fun at the time, but I ran out of things to say!  How can that be?  Today will be the revival of the blog along with a new name – Biscuits and Blooms.

I know people have been in despair about what a bad year 2016 was, but, honestly, for us, it was a very good one. We have seen some bad ones, so we know.

We became debt free in 2016!  This was the most freeing, liberating and healing event. A huge burden was lifted. I highly recommend working toward that goal.

Will and Allyson got married in 2016!  I gained a beautiful daughter. She is a delight and a joy to our family and they are so in love. They were able to buy their first house and a new puppy!

 Hannah worked at a Montana dude ranch and graduated from college!  This girl doesn’t let any grass grow under her cowboy booted feet, for sure. I drove out with her to Bozeman and she showed me some beautiful sites. We took a day trip through Yellowstone. She graduated in December with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. We are so very proud of her!img_2834img_2835


Claire finished her first year of college and  took a trip to Greece!  Years ago, Claire fell in love with Greece and it has always been her goal to take a trip there. She worked so hard and saved money for this trip. She loved it so much, she is going back this summer to study abroad. img_5863img_5862

Campbell entered high school, loves to fly fish and duck hunt, worked with his big brother all summer, got his driving permit and is on the school shooting team! After having a houseful of children for so many years, it feels like he is an only child sometimes since our other birdies are flying the nest. He is a complete joy and he is still my baby.  img_5092img_5478

2 thoughts on “2016

  1. Good for you sweetie! Blogging again and I love reading it! Maybe you’ll inspire me to write again too. I haven’t written in mine for a long time too. Love you bunches! xoxo

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