Old Things

I love old things.

I think people who love old things have a certain DNA in their character that makes them gravitate toward the old, the loved, the used, the things that stir up memories and good feelings. It’s almost like having a good cup of coffee or reading a well written old book, but better. Satisfied.

My father loves old things.  Old things with deep memories bring a sentimental feeling to his heart.  He cried when he gave me his mother’s old biscuit pan.  It is on display in my kitchen and I will never, ever let it go.

When I find an old treasure at a yard sale or an antique store or in my parent’s attic, I get that good feeling.  That happy feeling that something has been saved and will be treasured by me.

My grandparents owned a restaurant/grocery store when I was a child.  They sold cigars in those beautiful boxes.  That is why now, even though I don’t know one thing about cigars, I don’t smoke or care to, I will always buy an antique cigar box when I find one.  I may ponder selling them on EBay or Etsy, because you know they are great for vintage storage and crafting,  but I always just hang on to them.  I feel like I’ve found a little of my past.


Some treasures are not necessarily family heirlooms and don’t bring back specific memories, rather they are things that I know have been loved in the past and now they need to be loved by me. This beautiful clutch fits this category. I didn’t take the $10 my friend, Mindy, offered me for it yesterday. Sorry, dear.

I love the new lamps that I find in Target, but there’s also a place in my heart for the vintage lamp that I know has spent many years lighting a room for a reader, a cross word puzzler or a momma reading to her child.

My husband’s aunt almost had church recently when she realized I had grandmother’s quilt safe and sound after thinking that “Sister” had taken it to Goodwill. It was a special moment, a bonding moment between us as we talked about our love for the old and an appreciation for keeping the family’s memories and treasures.


If you are a sentimental old fool like I am, you understand these ramblings and feel a kindred spirit.

If you are a modern kind of gal, I still love you, but don’t ask me to go to the mall.

5 thoughts on “Old Things

  1. I wish more people would have an appreciation for “old” things especially when they were in their own family no matter how far removed but still family. I have little things that sit around that mean so much to me that no one else could or would understand, but I love them. Remember the picture of the table I had restored and posted on facebook? I showed it to the older man who gave it to me and the smile that formed on his face was SO worth having it restored!

  2. My sweet kindred spirit Suzy Q! I too love old things, absolutely treasure them! I’d much rather use old kitchen utensils than new, even the eggbeater and nut chopper that makes your arm ache! Hubby thinks I’m crazy. He bought me a plastic (gasp!) cheese grater the other day so I would throw out my old timey metal ones I always use. No way! I feel like a pioneer woman when I use old things. Our electricity went out the other night (summer power surge) and we used oil lamps from the living room. Better than a flashlight! And I’d much rather scour old junk shops and antique stores for great vintage finds than to EVER venture over to the mall! As Victor would say, “I get hives just thinking about it!” xoxo

  3. I love this post….I can really identify with it! I love to walk through Antique Shops where it sparks memories of the past! Even if I don’t buy anything……it gives me a good feeling in the heart!

  4. I too am an old soul Suzanne. I love the way old things make me feel. I like what you said about knowing they were loved and ready to be loved by you. I so get that. While it hurts my heart to find a piece discarded that I know was once someones pride and joy especially if it’s handmade, I find great joy in letting it live on as part of my story now. It’s exactly why I keep some of my children’s things and write to them… hoping one day they’ll get that good “old” feeling, too. Thanks for sharing.

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